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February Fever, Love is in the air

February (The month of amour) as Kitsch as it sounds – we all love it! It is the perfect time  to cuddle up, get cozy and go for fancy dinners or surprise someone close. What better excuse to celebrate one of the most beautiful things in life – LOVE!

At Artigiani We are celebrating it with a special sale of 40% Off on one of our most beloved items: Our Aluminium side table. This unique piece goes amazingly with a variety of styles because of its neutral color and metallic material. It also has a special touch of “ clouds “ finish on top that gives the aluminium a twist. We also wanted to share four tips on how to make your side table stand out at home! and who knows… maybe surprise your love one with beautiful flowers on it.


Product in Interior Credits: Artigiani Side Table | Shmoeli Ido Arhcitects | Sapir Levi Home Styling | Hila Ido Photography

Product in Interior Credits: Artigiani Side Table | Shmoeli Ido Arhcitects | Sapir Levi Home Styling | Hila Ido Photography


Our 4 tips on how to choose the perfect side table:

1. Where to place it


There are a few options when placing a side table and those need to be around the furniture you have and the size of your space. But you can start asking yourself these two main questions: What will be the use of the side table? Where will be the most comfortable place to put it in terms of space flow? . Here are the options you may consider:


  • Between the Sofa and the wall
  • Between the Sofa and the Armchair
  • Next to an Armchair or chair
  • Between two Armchairs or chairs
  • Between two Sofas (This applies to bigger rooms where two sofas meet)


Lyyn Chalk

Lyyn Chalk

2.Choosing the right size

When choosing a side table you must think that wherever you place it, should have the right amount of space around to give the piece the importance it needs. It never should feel as a piece stuck in the middle of the way – All the opposite.


Credit: Cb2

Credit: Cb2

3.Color & Material


You can decide the color or material depending on the color palette of your interior. For example if your interior is minimalistic you can always add a pop of color like a red side table or even if you go with a monochromatic color take in mind adding sparkling accessories. On the other hand,  if your interior is colorful or has lot of textures you can always go with a more neutral color like grey or beige. In terms of materials metallic options go mostly with any interior because of its neutral tones, and as an extra tip this trend is one of the hottest this 2019.





It is important to decide first if you want a static or a multifunctional side table. In case you go for the static option take in mind it has to be comfortable enough with the right height to grab your coffee easier, the tallest the better. In case your side table has top tray that can be moved you can consider on a lower high option. Also it is very important that you think of the purpose of your side table. Will it be for an Ashtray and cigarettes? Or for drinking wine and snacks? Or maybe to place a bouquet of flowers?. Whatever option you decide just keep all these aspects in mind before buying it.


Credit: Muuto

Credit: Muuto


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