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“In the heart of Alfassi St. in Tel aviv stands Artigiani and Crafts artisanal complex. This singular, spacious structure serves as a hub of design, inspiration, and creativity. The company’s designs encompass a wide variety of styles. Each item is handcrafted and can be customized to meet the client’s every desire and demand. The gallery displays unique furniture, hardware and accessories alongside a continuous exhibition of carefully selected art pieces by renowned painters.”


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the norman boutique hotel

the norman boutique hotel

the rothschild boutique hotel

the rothschild boutique hotel

object by Irene Goldberg & Pitsou Kedem by/for Artigiani & Crafts

object by Irene Goldberg & Pitsou Kedem by/for Artigiani & Crafts

catit restaurant

catit restaurant

Our Story

“The company was founded in 1993 by Leah and Andrea Vannucci, and has become a household name representing unique and quality handcrafted design. It introduces distinctive custom-made home accessories and furniture pieces made mainly from brass. Its products are a tangible result of Leah’s and Andrea’s shared Tuscan inspiration and modern urban style. Together they create exquisite pieces for hotels, restaurants, and stores in Israel and abroad that set international standards and take advantage of luxurious materials.”

99Design Magazine

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Artigani & Crafts Believes In Using The Right Metals to match your style – Tel Aviv metal Finishes

  2019 is around the corner and we are starting to see the trends predictions for next year! According to the magazine New decoration trends, Metals are coming strong: – “The novelty now is that metal finishes are being used together and mixed together. If you die of love for all of them but have difficulty choosing a favorite, now […]

Unique Metal Designs with Italian Tuscan Inspiration & Urban-Modern Styling At Tel Aviv

  Tel Aviv is one of those places, where is full of energy and inspiration. This vibrant city in constant change and evolution, it is also booming for its innovations in the design industry. Here is where Unique Metal designs with Italian Tuscan Inspiration can meet your needs.   Elsie De Wolfe, an American Actor and also an Interior decorator […]

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