2019 Design Trends Predictions to Love


Every year before the year ends the leading companies in the world of design such as Pantone, Vogue and Elle Decor give their predictions for the year to come! We are already following what is coming on 2019 around the world, and we see some exciting trends on their way! If you love any do not worry cause in Artigiani we have products for every one of them :D!

1.Pantone Color of the year: Living Coral

For 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced important  decisions in the design Industry.

The Color of the Year selection process it is  a constant research Pantone’s experts do, that required thoughtful consideration and trend analysis based on the color influences around the world.

My unfinished home

My unfinished home

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2. Retro Pop

Retro trends in furniture are back big time! The same as fashion, design also keeps coming back but with transformations. Retro Pop is modern and playful. This style is all about bright colors, geometric shapes and uncommon materials, Are you ready to have some fun?

Interior Design: Orit Elhanati

Interior Design: Orit Elhanati

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3.Multifunctional furniture

Smart, multi-purpose furnishings are the way to go these days. it is a versatile practical option to maximize living space in a creative way. These customized furniture are ideal for urban or compact spaces. And if you are the kind of person who like changes from time to time you will absolutely enjoy this trend.

Studio Bazi

Studio Bazi

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4.Innovative uses of metals:

According to Elle Decor Magazine Metals will be strong in 2019. And in Artigiani if there is something we are experts on, is transform metal into innovative ways.

“Metals will be used in more interesting ways and will be more popular than ever, but no more rose gold. Whether’s it’s gold, brass or blackened metals, they will be used in a lacy or massed ways. They will definitely be more interesting and designed in a more sculptural-based manner than in the past. There’s a strong push towards art as function.”

Joy Moyler, interior designer

Interior Design: Kathy Kuo Home

Interior Design: Kathy Kuo Home


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