Artigani & Crafts Believes In Using The Right Metals to match your style – Tel Aviv metal Finishes


2019 is around the corner and we are starting to see the trends predictions for next year! According to the magazine New decoration trends, Metals are coming strong:

– “The novelty now is that metal finishes are being used together and mixed together. If you die of love for all of them but have difficulty choosing a favorite, now there is no more excuse, use all!”  –

As metal experts, Artigiani strongly believes Metals bring endless possibilities to any design. Selecting the right metal is the crucial step to be able to create enamors decor. Artigiani employs metals like Stainless Steel, Iron, aluminum and brass in creating artistic designs that can make your home sexy.

Have you ever wondered which mettalic finishes if Gold, Silver, Bronze or all mixed describe your style best? Whatever your preference is or if you are still wondering… Do not worry! Because Artigani & Crafts will match the perfect metal finish for you, taking in consideration your style and space needs. With the knowledge and expertise of the couple owning this business, they are dedicated on using different metals with the right finishes in the artistic way to make pieces that not just looks good but also lasts longer.


Let’s get to the fun part and describe the metal finishes Artigiani do and which suits you best!


  1. BRASS:

If your style is more romantic, cozy and chic – brass – is defenitely for you. This warm gold hue and timeless metal will create a relaxed and inviting athmospehere yet glamorous in your home.

FYI: Brass has excellent corrosive resistance and can be recycled an infinite number of times, which has significant environmental and economic advantages.


  • For a more vintage, boho chic style go for the Antique brass finish. It typically has golden undertones and medium brown color, which will differ from one product to another. It will suit exteriors and interios and will give a look of an auction store.





  • In case you want to go more minimalist, modern – the brushed brass will give an elegant matte finish that goes beautifully when is combined with other colors and materials such as black, grey, marble and wood. See our console!



  • The third option is pure glamour! If you are a Regency Hollywood style lover then you will fall for the Polished brass. This choice is all about accents. They will give the perfect shiny touch to any environment. Candlesticks and handles are great items to make this finish spark.




Nickel plated is the perfect option to go glam and add a royal feel to any space in your home. Do not be afraid to make a statement, Nickel plated finishes can be as bold – or as subtle as you like.


  • Are you familiar with the terms Retro Industrial or the Queen Anne Victorian style? Both are great examples to describe The old Nickel plated finish. The result will be a vintage appearance with a shade of black or grey nickel overlay.


  • Silver tones are the forever classic. If you like sophistication and modernism brushed Nickel plated or polished Nickel plated (More shiny) are amazing options. Theses timeless finishes can lighten any space whether is large or small. You can add as much silver hues items you want because you would not get bored!



What about the all-in-one tables from Artigani & Crafts?


The New Tables from this brand stand as the perfect example of how they get textures and finishes from different types of metals. They bring together aluminium and brass in to create an elegant and unique combination. The textures used are “ Clouds “ and “Stripes” brushes.



Do not miss our Spiral table!

This piece of art is made of Brass casting mold with a brushed finished and stripes texture.


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