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New-York is calling!

NYCxDESIGN, New York City’s annual celebration of design, attracts hundreds of thousands of attendees and designers from across the globe. the event celebrates a world of design and showcases over a dozen design disciplines through events taking place across the city’s five boroughs.   Here is what we found interesting 1. The interesting obstacle you must visit  THE BEGINNING OF […]

Architects of the month - Jerusalem Design

Architects of the month – Jerusalem Design The collaboration with the Jerusalem Design office was caused accidentally but since then it’s a love story that keeps on going. Jerusalem Design is a small but growing architectural & interior design office operating in Israel. We spoke with Chezi and Yoav about the creation of […]

Architect of the month - Itzik Eini

Itzik Eini, is a Tel–Aviv based architect and interior designer. He has recently completed the Artigiani Gallery renovation, within the Artigiani and Crafts artisanal complex.  His exquisite style and design savvy have made collaborating with him on this project a wonderful experience. Eini studied architecture at the Milan School of Architecture . He describes this city as a place full […]

February Fever, Love is in the air

February (The month of amour) as Kitsch as it sounds – we all love it! It is the perfect time  to cuddle up, get cozy and go for fancy dinners or surprise someone close. What better excuse to celebrate one of the most beautiful things in life – LOVE! At Artigiani We are celebrating it with a special sale of […]

Visit the most inspiring places around Artigiani & Crafts

Visit the Most Inspiring Places Around Artigiani & Crafts   Some of you might have passed Florentin neighborhood more than once! But have you deeply explore it? Artigiani is located at the heart of this area and even if it might look a bit sketchy at first, when you get a closer look you will find incredible Galleries, Restaurants and […]

2019 Design Trends Predictions to Love

  Every year before the year ends the leading companies in the world of design such as Pantone, Vogue and Elle Decor give their predictions for the year to come! We are already following what is coming on 2019 around the world, and we see some exciting trends on their way! If you love any do not worry cause in […]

According to Feng Shui lighting a Chanukiah is a great way of purification and inspiration!

The Festival of Lights is coming and more than one might be thinking which Chanukiah would represent the holiday this year. A Chanukiah  has been one of the most iconic relics in all of Judaism, and while Hanukkah might not traditionally be thought of as a design-oriented holiday, in the last years the Chanukiah designs have been evolving into masterpieces. […]

Unique Metal Designs with Italian Tuscan Inspiration & Urban-Modern Styling At Tel Aviv

  Tel Aviv is one of those places, where is full of energy and inspiration. This vibrant city in constant change and evolution, it is also booming for its innovations in the design industry. Here is where Unique Metal designs with Italian Tuscan Inspiration can meet your needs.   Elsie De Wolfe, an American Actor and also an Interior decorator […]

Fashion & Design An Interview with Sharon Brunsher - Tel Aviv

Featured Design on Picture: Louis Vuitton  |  Featured Interior on Picture: Amanda Nisbet   The world of fashion these days is full of excitement as the fashion week is at its climax in New York, Milan, London & Paris. Fashion and design are two concepts that are often intertwined with each other. Both share the same visual concepts as proportion, […]

5 tips to decorate the perfect console for Rosh Hashanah - Home Decor Tel Aviv

  Only a few days away the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah and this year we are turning 5779! This time of the year it’s all about sweetening our lives and wishing our friends and family a “sweet” beginning, hope for the New Year and new chances to pursue their dreams. But do you already know how you are going […]

Add a Little Bit of Individuality - The Beauty of Custom-Made Pieces - Tel Aviv

  Have you found yourself in that situation where you have a spot in your house and you just can’t get a piece of furniture that fits the space or the purpose? Or have you ever felt that you have the exact piece in your mind but you simply can’t find it?   Custom decor, whether it’s custom-made furniture, or […]

Endless Handles

The Handles Are Taking Back The House A common Mistake is to think that the modern kitchen means a kitchen with no handles and knobs on the cabinets and drawers. The new rising trend is to actually add the knobs and handles as the “punch line” to the final design, whether the kitchen is modern, clean, rustic or embellished with […]


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