Fashion & Design An Interview with Sharon Brunsher – Tel Aviv

Featured Design on Picture: Louis Vuitton  |  Featured Interior on Picture: Amanda Nisbet


The world of fashion these days is full of excitement as the fashion week is at its climax in New York, Milan, London & Paris. Fashion and design are two concepts that are often intertwined with each other. Both share the same visual concepts as proportion, shape and form.

According to Top Style Expert Mariana KerosIt usually starts with fashion. Fashion apparel trends have really been influencing what happens aesthetically in interiors.” She also give us the three strong trends right now in Fashion and Design:

  1. Velvet
  2. Metallics of burnished brass, golds, and warm tones.
  3. Floral patterns

This year we decided to interview one of our clients Sharon Brunsher, who is an Israeli fashion designer, to tell us how she blends fashion and design. She started by selling bed sheets and turning the leftovers into cloths. Her distinct yet unconventional style made us want to learn a bit more about her. Let’s see what she has to tell us!


How would you define your style? And how it applies to decoration?

My designing style is a fusion of postmodernism, nostalgia, renascence and classic. I have always been fascinated with these styles as they allow a lot of room for exploration and creativity. Also, I like to create tension between styles and materials by using contrasts like black vs white or Minimalism vs Maximalism and then create harmony between them.

I believe all type of designs are interconnected to create one language. The more techniques I use the richer my design gets. As you can see on my store interiors, the space and objects play together with the cloth and viceversa complementing with each other. For example, I keep this connection by using a monochromatic palette and at some occasions adding touches of gold.



Featured Designs: Sharon Brunsher


What was your experience coming to Artigiani and what was your favorite piece?

GOOD PLACES ARE HARD TO IGNORE. Let’s start by saying that the Jewelry of my house are the pieces from Artigiani. I am absolutely in love with the big handle in my entrance. What I love about Artigiani is that they keep true to their DNA, they are consistent in their style (updated but at the same time traditional). They also maintain their quality keeping a very high standard in all their projects no matter what. The level of detail are extremely well done and a company like that is something hard to find in Israel. It totally speaks to my language and my clients language, no matter how many years pass I know I will enter there and find something I love and feel a strong feeling with.



Where do you take your inspiration from?

Life, nature, travels and from what I am feeling on the way. I mostly take my inspiration when I visit France but lately, from Africa, especially Morocco.

What is the decoration item you feel most attached?

One of my favorite items are Mirrors. They go beyond beauty representing depth, reflection and multiplication.

Is there any recent project or collection you are doing?

Yes, we just opened a concept store of lifestyle and Nursery together with Amir Ovdat. In this store you will find a variety of plants, flowers, furniture, and home decor that together create a magic atmosphere. You can find us on Instagram:


The void starts filling up,

the vacuum gets into a shape.

One spot over another,

layer over layer.

like sensual matter

in the hands of the potter,

In harmonic dissonance

between noise and silence,

chaos and order,

Particles of mine take up space,

grow into a shape

and become a product.” – Sharon Brunsher


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