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Inner Projects

object by Irene Goldberg & Pitsou Kedem by/for Artigiani & Crafts

Drawing upon the irrigated fields that inspired us when designing our line of mirrors, we have continued exploring the beautiful geometric patterns and textures that lie hidden in the vast agricultural fields. The notion that the intricate geometry of these fields is truly revealed only from a bird’s-eye view fascinates us. As architects, we constantly shift from the two-dimensional realm to the three-dimensional one, and for us too, the bird’s-eye view of our creations remains a plan meant for our eyes only. It is the transition from one realm to the next that intrigues us. This project’s design offers a three-dimensional interpretation of the graphic grid of planes and lines. The opportunity to work with natural stone and steel allows us to integrate nature back into the design. The use of marble and brass, rich in color and texture, is a natural way to pay homage to the fruits of the land, as these materials constitute a forceful presentation of nature’s graphic skills. Our intent is to find a way to celebrate the beauty of these two natural materials while taming them to include them in life’s everyday.

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