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Street lamp was inspired by classic street elements. The lamp preserves a perfect balance between raw and fine, rough and elegant. Street lamp creates an irresistible show that one can't ignore. Custom made by Artigiani, designed by Bar Davidovich


the norman boutique hotel

The Norman hotel – which resides in two restored buildings – one is eclectic, with clear Renaissance influences, and the other one features classic and clean lines. The hotel itself is designed to look like the grand, luxurious hotels of the beginning of the last century, and merges elements from the original interior design of the two buildings. One can find Artigianis brass fine work all over The Norman Hotel – everything from door handles to various mirrors in the Deluxe rooms and other selected rooms and spaces, accessories, shelving and the crown jewel – a couch banquette with kinetic decorative mirror elements


the rothschild boutique hotel

The Rothchild Hotel stands in the heart of one of the main streets in Tel Aviv. Together with Designer Michael Azulay, Artigiani manufactured various custom made items for assorted rooms in the hotel: Side Tables, mirror frames and profiles and other accessories


object by Irene Goldberg & Pitsou Kedem by/for Artigiani & Crafts

Drawing upon the irrigated fields that inspired us when designing mirrorline, we continued our exploration of the beautiful geometric patterns, and textures that lie in the vastness of agricultural fields. The notion that the intricate geometry of these fields is really truly revealed only from a bird’s- eye view fascinated us. As architects, we constantly shift from the two-dimensional realm to the three-dimensional one, and for us too, the bird’s eye view of our creations remains a plan kept for our eyes only. It is the transition from one realm to the next that intrigued us. The Design offers a three-dimensional interpretation to the graphic grid of plains and lines. The opportunity to work with natural stone and steel allowed us to interweave nature back into the design. Marble and Brass, rich in color and texture was a natural way to pay homage to the fruits of the land, as it is a forceful presentation of nature’s graphic skills. We wished to find a way to celebrate the beauty of these two natural materials while taming them to life’s everyday rituals through our objects.


catit restaurant

Artigiani took part in the relocation of the highly esteemed restaurant "Catit" by the Chef Meir Adoni. Artigiani manufactured a custom-made black iron and glass unit designed by Michael Azulay, serving also as a partition between the different spaces in the restaurant.


alma boutique hotel

Designed by the Architecture firm "Shealtiel Castiel" (Photographed by Itai Sikolski), you can see Artigiani's fine brass work as soon as you enter the hotel in a custom, handmade intercom panel with a special engraving of the hotels logo. inside the hotel, you can find assorted bathroom accessories – also from Artigiani. 


philosophy - kikar hamedina tel aviv

A luxurious clothing store in Kikar Hamedina in Tel Aviv designed by Michael Azulay The store was accessorized in custom made brass elements, like the shelving units on the walls, and the chandelier. All the hangers in the store were also handmade, custom manufactured by Artigiani.


michel cluizel chocolate stores madison avenue new york ny

Design of Chocolate Boutique located on Madison Avenue, NY. NY. This flagship store is one of the Michel Cluizel chain stores in the US. The design includes stainless steel display fixtures made by Artigiani to the client and designer satisfaction. 


z & g house tlv

An elegant rooftop with a Mediterranean twist in Tel Aviv by architect Pninit sharet Azulay (photography by Amit Geron) The shade of the kitchen cabins was chosen as a tribute to the Mediterranean sea view from the kitchens windows. The Cabins were designed in a clean, unified style, and were "jeweled" with custom made, especially designed, minimalistic Artigianis brass handles, which complete the total look of the kitchen.


y r house haifa

A Haifa apartment by designers Orna Witz and Keren Gur-Alon from "Brosh-Alon Interior Design".  Iron was chosen as a material for various furniture pieces because of its clean and minimalistic design. In the apartment – one can find Artigiani's black iron consoles, mirrors, side tables and more


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