Unique Metal Designs with Italian Tuscan Inspiration & Urban-Modern Styling At Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is one of those places, where is full of energy and inspiration. This vibrant city in constant change and evolution, it is also booming for its innovations in the design industry. Here is where Unique Metal designs with Italian Tuscan Inspiration can meet your needs.  

Elsie De Wolfe, an American Actor and also an Interior decorator said: “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life”. With the same intention and with a view to helping people in Tel Aviv and around the world to make everything around them beautiful, the couple Andrea and Lea are extending the best helping hand. However, they wish to go beyond the words of Elsie De Wolfe. The reason is that in addition to beauty, they focus on practicality and durability as well. It is this feature that makes them stand out. The couple combine their Israeli and Italian background to create a new style.


Have you heard about Artigani Design & Crafts?



Most people in Tel Aviv might have heard about Artigani & Crafts. This company is the brainchild of the couple. With their eye on Italian Crafts Style, they create attractive furniture and fixtures to make everything around their customers at their homes, offices, hotels and any other places of their interest the most eye-catching. Artigiani  is focused on bringing unique and high-quality products to meet the needs and aesthetics of their clients. Not just like the common furniture you will find, they wish to bring customization in their products to make sure that the customers get the satisfaction they expect. The special thing about this company is that they create one-of-a-kind pieces.




Founded in 1993, it will not be an overstatement to say that this company has changed a household name for quality and unique handcraft design. Artigani showcases unique metal pieces from handles, mirrors, tables…with astounding design aspects. Their main focus is the hardware created with metal casting molds in brass with urban-modern styling and Italian Tuscan Inspiration of both Lea and Andrea.

The most exciting thing about this couple and their breakthrough is that they have a rich experience in planning and advising through each stage of the development process. Right from selecting the design and styling to the selection of the suitable material, they take the utmost care to make sure that the customers get what they expect as the outcome. Together they create furniture pieces, hardware and home accessories designed using luxurious materials and international standards. The unique manufacturing process that they follow brings together time-honoured Italian handmade work with industrial processing. In the end, they make sure that their product reaches the precise finishing level.



The key feature of Artigani is that in addition to being a family, they also work as a family. Each person involved in Artigani is putting their heart into the business. With the passion towards their work, they transmit the same to their employees as well. The result is the unique and artistic piece of furniture. The employees are kept motivated at all times to bring out the best in them.

How about their location in Tel Aviv?



Artigani stands at the heart of the Alfassi Street and their widespread and unique space make it the best place for educating themselves. With a combination of different materials like brass and aluminium, they bring in a unique touch and design specification for each of their clients. Even, they always welcome their clients to visit the gallery and workshop, where their creations are made, such that they can see the process.

With the eye on quality and a combination of the Italian and Israeli style of furniture, Artigani & Crafts is making a revolution in Tel Aviv. They are sure to incorporate the modern and traditional aspect in their design process to bring in the best pieces of one-of-the-kind furniture and interior design elements to bring in a transformation in the interiors for customers.


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