Visit the most inspiring places around Artigiani & Crafts

Visit the Most Inspiring Places Around Artigiani & Crafts


Some of you might have passed Florentin neighborhood more than once! But have you deeply explore it? Artigiani is located at the heart of this area and even if it might look a bit sketchy at first, when you get a closer look you will find incredible Galleries, Restaurants and Shops!

We want to share with you some of the places we love! And we will be happy to see you around!


1.Tammi Chomski

Tammi Chomski an amazing designer and a close neighbor (Located in our same street), brings together two key elements in her designs: Materials and Product Significance. Her textiles and fabrics are unique and fashionable + She always take care on understanding the product and making it practical. Do not miss her last Collection: “ Winter collection ’18-’19”.


2.Rosenfeld Gallery

Founded by Eliezer Rosenfeld in 1952, the Rosenfeld Gallery, has become one of the most remarkable exhibition spaces in the local art scene. We love their their focus on contemporary art and how they promote local talented artists. Right now they have two exhibitions: BALLROOM by ALINA ORLOV and WITHIN by LIAT ELBLING both will be until the 02.02.2019.


3. Dalida Restaurant:

Featured in @vogue designers lovers’s guide, Dalida is one of the trendiest restaurants around Florentin.  What can we say! Absolutely delicious, great environment and amazing interior design by Roni Keren .

If you are a foodie explorer! Be ready for a blend of Arab-Italian-French cultures and flavors.


4. Sheli Dahari Jewelry

A few minutes walk towards Jaffa you will find one of the coolest places called: Noga’s complex, this area with an old history has become the home for  young artisans, fashion designers, jewelry creators and interior architects.

If you go around look up for for Sheli Dahari’s Jewelry store. Every piece has its own personality and every piece in it is thoughful and fun. We love the way she  combines bold and pastel colors with materials like wood, plastic and brass.

Check out her New Oriental collection for this Winter 2019


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